African Tapestry Granite

African Tapestry Granite


African tapestry granite is a beautiful type of granite that is quarried in the rich mines of South Africa. It is a lovely silver-grey color interspersed with graceful black and cream veining. This uncommon color combination gives African tapestry granite a very unique look that balances elegance and exotic.

It can be used for virtually all applications, whether indoor or outdoor because it holds up to both extreme hot and extreme cold temperatures. It’s commonly used for countertops, mosaic, interior or exterior walls, wall capping and floors, monuments, fountains, pools, stairs, window sills, and other artistic design projects.

African tapestry granite is very popular because of its neutral tones that can match nearly any design style. The gray, black, and cream color palette is especially popular in modern decor filled with contrasting blacks and whites. However, the soft tones are very useful for any style and can be found in homes all around the world.

African tapestry granite is especially suitable when you want to make the focal point of the room something besides the granite. For example, if you like to keep fresh flowers in your kitchen, this tile provides an elegant gray background with black and white veins that will help the bright colors of your flowers really pop.

It is also a great option for outdoor applications such as in your bar, patio, or pool area. It is neutral and dignified. Plus, granite is the fourth hardest natural stone (after diamonds, rubies, and sapphires), so you know that no matter how much use it gets it will last for years to come.

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