Alexandrita Quartzite

Alexandrita Quartzite


If you like stone finishes that have a combination of various shades of colors, then an Alexandrita Quartzite finish is for you. Alexandrita is a type of quartzite that is primarily mined in Brazil.

You can easily identify this natural rock because of its stunning light green and ivory appearance. Another distinctive aspect of Alexandrita Quartzite is its subtle tone of peach and dark green, which are surrounded by an aquamarine appearance. Combined, these features make the stone a great choice when it comes to doing indoor finishes such as works on countertops and bathroom floors as well works on outdoor structures such as patio and decks. Is also appropriate for use in finishing slabs, backslashes and fireplaces, whether they are located indoor or outdoors.

Quartzite is a type of hard, metamorphic rock that is initially a sand stone and is transformed into quartzite by heating it and subjecting it to high pressure. The high density of quartzite makes it resistant to damage through erosion or bad weather. This makes the material ideal for use in applications such as covering walls, flooring, and making countertops.

Alexandrita Quartzite has become very popular because in addition to having that cool and luxurious color, it is also strong and highly durable. The strength and durability of any type of quartzite material is one of the key factors that you need to consider when thinking about installing this stone at various places in your home. You can be sure of Alexandrita Quartzite’s reliability because it is available in different sizes. The 3 mm-thick Alexandrita is especially a good choice because it can withstand a lot of pressure.

By installing Alexandrita Quartzite in any place in your home, you can be sure of enhancing the value and attractiveness of the home with a material that will last many years.

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