Andromeda White Granite

Andromeda White Granite


Andromeda White granite features a white background with gray veining and darker specks. The gorgeous veining gives the granite a big impact without being overbearing. It works well in any area of your home, office, or backyard. No matter what color scheme you have going on, the colors of the granite blend in perfectly. One of the great things about Andromeda White granite is that you can put it in your kitchen and change your accessories as often as you choose, and the granite will still work with them.


Whether you are a homeowner or a builder, you’ll appreciate the value that this granite adds to your project. Builders who need to appeal to the largest number of people love granite with the colors and pattern of Andromeda White granite. It appeals to potential buyers yet still has enough pizazz to stand out from the rest.


The polished finish on this granite gives it a sleek and shiny finish that adds beauty and ambiance wherever you use it. The polish also makes the granite stain resistant to make cleanup easier. The 3cm thickness is a favorite with builders and installers because it makes installation easier by doing away with the need for plywood.


Andromeda White Granite looks wonderful on your kitchen counter, island, backsplash, and bathroom vanity. You can also use it on window sills, tabletops, outdoor kitchens, and your office space. It’s a versatile granite that will never go out of style. The colors are subtle enough to use anywhere and you will never tire of them.


Our Andromeda White granite will give you the ‘wow’ factor that you’re looking for; it makes an amazing focal point in any space where it’s used. If you’re looking for a material that lasts for decades, retains its excellent looks, requires little maintenance, and adds value to your home, this is it.

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