Bianco Laura Quartzite

Bianco Laura Quartzite


The Bianco Laura Quartzite features soft gray and black veins against a stunning white base. It has a simple yet elegant appearance that elevates any space in your home.

It works exceptionally well against dark shades, creating a stunning contrast. It’s an excellent material for a more modern aesthetic, giving a seamless and sophisticated vibe.

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Bianco laura quartzite is a beautiful stone that comes from the quarries of Brazil. It has a light white/creme background and is rippled with soft grey to black veins. Quartzite has been used as a decorative stone for ages and is commonly used to cover walls and make roofing tiles, flooring and stairs. In recent years, there has been a large rise in popularity as homeowners have started utilizing it for their kitchen countertops, sinks and vanity tops.

Quartzite is a metamorphic stone that has incredibly useful and versatile properties. Because it’s formed through the long and laborious process of sand compression, it’s one of nature’s hardest stones – beating out granite and steel. This means that if you use a regular steel blade chef’s knife on your quartzite countertop, you’re much more likely to damage your knife than the countertop.

Though all quartzites have different porosities and stain resistance, they will rarely etch or stain. It’s not quite stain-proof, but it is incredibly stain-resistant. We still recommend sealing your quartzite once a year though just to be sure to minimize any possibility of damage.

Bianco laura quartzite’s light background and medium to dark veins make it incredibly versatile not just in terms of durability – but in style as well. It’s a common choice for countertops in modern and minimalist kitchens. It also provides a great backdrop on walls or flooring in rooms that have a bright focal point.

If you’re looking for an alternative to granite, or need something even harder, we highly recommend choosing a quartzite stone. Our slabs of Bianco laura quartzite come 3cm thick and can be purchased in polished or leather finishing.

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