Black Mamba Honed Granite

Black Mamba Honed Granite


Let your counters and floors make a statement with Black Mamba Honed Granite. The black background with white and gray veining says that you’re not afraid to be bold, modern, and unique. These colors work wonderfully with a contemporary decorating scheme. This granite is a sophisticated choice for the modern sophisticated home. Pair this granite with a white cabinet and walls, along with a coordinating backsplash you love.


Unlike polished granite, this is honed. This means that the granite does not have the super shiny finish of polished granite. The Black Mamba honed granite has a matte finish and a leather-like appearance. More and more homeowners are turning to this leather-like finish for their homes; it’s a nice contrast from the shiny, dimensional granite that has been in use for many years. If you like the understated elegance of a matte finish, you’ll love Black Mamba honed granite.


Black Mamba honed granite has the same characteristics that you expect in a granite. Black Mamba is durable and easy to care for; it adds value to your home. You can expect your granite to last for decades; granite is so strong that it can last for over 100 years if you take proper care of it. Proper care includes cleaning with soap and water, avoiding citrus-based cleaners and cleaner that contain ammonia, and resealing the granite from time to time.


Black Mamba honed granite is a perfect choice for those who want something a bit different but still want to enjoy all of the benefits of granite. Black Mamba gives all of the best that granite has to offer in a unique, newer finish. If you’re looking to upgrade your counters, backsplash, vanity top, or floors, consider Black Mambo honed granite. You’ll love the way it looks.

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