Blue Mare Granite

Blue Mare Granite


Swirls of color, pattern, and movement set Blue Mare Granite apart from the rest. Browns, gold, and blueish gray combine to create this stunning granite from Brazil. The 3 cm thickness of this granite means that you can place it directly over the cabinets without the need for reinforcement. This pretty granite looks wonderful in a kitchen or bath. Also, consider using it for your pool area, outdoor countertops, stairs, flooring/ or backsplash. The gold veining makes this granite stand out wherever it’s used.


The unique color palette and design works with several different cabinet combinations. Consider blue or gray cabinets to bring out the swirls of color. Natural wood cabinets and hardwood flooring would look lovely. It would give you a classic look. White cabinets are another option if you want to brighten up your space.


Update your home with the stunning color and movement of Blue Mare granite. This granite is perfect for the homeowner who demands style and beauty in their granite. The coloring and pattern make this granite stand out from the rest. Blue Mare would be lovely in a bar or restaurant, as well as your home. Imagine the look on your customers’ faces when you remodel with such a gorgeous and interesting granite choice.


Just like other polished granite, this one is easy to care for. It resists staining and scratches, and is heat-resistant. Cleaning with soap and water keeps this granite looking beautiful. This durable granite can stand up to a busy restaurant and your busy home without a problem. The pattern helps hide smudges and water spots until you can wipe them away.


Consider Blue Mare Granite for your next upgrade. It will add value to your home and bring beauty wherever you use it. It’s the perfect granite for the home or business owner who is looking for a unique granite to show off their unique style.



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