Calacutta Naples Quartz

Calacutta Naples Quartz


White with subtle light gray veining makes Calcutta Naples quartz a favorite among designers, homeowners, and commercial properties. It gives a high-end modern look without being too bold. Use this quartz for countertops, islands, and as a decorative accent throughout your home or business. Its easy-care finish makes it perfect for busy areas. Quartz is one of the best materials for counters, islands, bars, and more. It’s easy to care for and stands up to life in a busy home, restaurant or office.


Calacutta Naples quartz is an exceptional choice due to its design. It’s something that you won’t get tired of; you’ll enjoy having it in your home for years. The color and veining work with a variety of design schemes, so while it’s perfect for the modern home, it enhances other styles as well.


Try it with white cabinets or gray for a contemporary look; make it a waterfall counter for a more dramatic and sophisticated effect. Use it in the bathroom with white walls and a white vanity. If you have a small bathroom, the light colors will make the space appear bigger and more open.


Spend your time enjoying your kitchen, not maintaining your countertops. Calacutta Naples quartz is known for being easy to maintain; spills wipe right up. There’s no need to seal this quartz; it’s non-porous. Stains won’t seep in. This quartz also resists scratching. No one has time to worry about damaging their counters each time they’re in the kitchen, and with this quartz, you won’t have to.


The material you choose for your countertops is important; it becomes the focal point of your kitchen, it enhances your enjoyment of the room, and even makes guests feel welcome and at home. Make a smart choice and opt for Calacutta Naples quartz for your home.