Colonial White Granite

Colonial White Granite


Colonial white granite is a charming stone that has a blend of smoky grey and cloudy silver bedrock. It has black and maroon spots uniformly splattered throughout the stone. Shiny brown specks also occur on the surface of the slab. Quarried in Brazil, it is a very exclusive material. It acquired its name in the days of the British Empire, and it is also known as Buckingham White Granite or New Imperial White Granite.


The stone has unique mineral compositions that not only give it an elegant look, but they also enable it to withstand the test of time. Colonial white granite can get installed inside and outside a home. Indoors, it is mostly in kitchen countertops, bathrooms, powder rooms, floors, walls, and fireplaces. Outdoors, it gets commonly utilized for fountains, pools, and wall capping.


Apart from residential uses, it also has commercial applications. It is beloved in commercial spaces due to its durability and hardness. You can use it around your home to design a focal point or use it as a backdrop of a stronger focal point. In the kitchen, it can get installed in different ways to produce a stunning effect.


To create an appealing contrast and highlight the black and rose-pink speckles of the granite, consider using dark wood cabinets. Colonial white granite can also be combined with white cabinets to spruce up the appearance of a room. Blending the cream granite with stark white cabinets brightens up any space without making it look too cold.


This design makes the mineral deposits stand out as the focal point. If you have a home remodeling project, this stone has fantastic qualities that you can use to design a luxurious and opulent space. Our stones come in a polished finish and 3 cm thick slabs. Whatever quantity you want, we can deliver.


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