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Cosmic white quartz is a lovely light stone that has soft grey and earthy veins and dots woven throughout its creamy white background. It’s soft white tone makes it a very versatile stone when it comes to design.

Cosmic white quartz can be used indoors or outdoors for both residential and commercial buildings. It is commonly used for countertops, flooring, sinks, vanities, bars, and pools.

Quartz is a relatively new addition to the common stones used for residential and commercial buildings. In recent years it has spiked in popularity and is now becoming nearly as popular as granite for common household applications.

The quartz used in these applications isn’t a “natural stone” such as granite or quartzite – it’s actually a form of “engineered stone” or “compound stone.” It’s composed of approximately 95% quartz and a polymer resin binder pressed together to create a non-porous surface.

Quartz and granite are currently the two most popular choices for countertops. Both stones will look great in your home and will last a lifetime. There are two main advantages that quartz holds over granite:

  • Quartz is harder than granite – nearly indestructible in fact
  • Quartz is also non-porous meaning it absorbs fewer spills and stains and stays bacteria-free

However, quartz can be damaged by extreme heat, so you won’t be able to set a hot pan on a quartz countertop.

If you have any questions about our Cosmic white quartz countertops – or the difference between quartz and granite, please feel free to reach out to Granite Granite inc. today!

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