Dallas White Granite

Dallas White Granite


Our Dallas white granite gets quarried in Brazil, and it adds instant elegance into any space. It has a dominating white background color with speckled lavender and grey tones. Most granites have black crystal veining and some subtle golden cream pattern, and our Dallas white granite comes fully polished in 2 cm or 3 cm thick slabs. This stone is versatile, and it can be useful in enhancing the looks of different areas around your home.


Indoors, you can use it for your countertops, islands, bathroom counters, and tub decks. It can also add character and charm to your pool, fountains, water walls, wall capping, and stairs. The milky color and beautiful patterns of the stone makes it a unique addition to your space. You can use it to create a striking focal point in a room or outdoor area.


Focal points help to draw attention to the strengths of your home and set the mood of a space. A well-designed home without a clear focal point can make a space feel dull and disjointed. Some examples of commonly used focal points include fireplaces, large windows, floor patterns, and paintings. If your home does not already have one, use Dallas white granite to make a statement and capture the attention of your guests.


Dallas white granite’s unique and enticing color tones can add glamor to any space inside and outside your home. If you have a remodeling project, working with this stone will take your home further upscale. It adds elegance, charm, and an artistic touch. Due to its durability and good looks, this granite is also useful in commercial buildings. If you are scouting the market for a unique stone, consider working with our Dallas white granite.


We can deliver any residential and commercial granite quantity and cut the slabs according to your preference. Get in touch with Granite Inc. today for any inquiries.

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