Everest Crystal Granite

Everest Crystal Granite


Everest crystal granite is a durable and stylish stone quarried in Brazil. It has a beautiful soft white tone with large deposits of feldspar and crystal formations that give it a unique tone. Most granites have rounder, flowing veins, whereas Everest crystal granite has sharper, crystalline features – hence the name.

This specific granite can be used indoors and outdoors and is a common choice for kitchen countertops, islands, bars, fireplaces, powder rooms, bathroom counters, showers and tub decks. This stone is unique in that it has a classic color scheme common to other granites (such as Black galaxy granite, Black pearl granite and Misty black granite), but it’s crystalline formations give it a rare appearance that adds a layer of depth and sophistication to your design.

The uniqueness of this stone makes it versatile when it comes to applications. It can act as the focal point of a room if contrasted against soft color tones and rounded edges, or it can serve as a backdrop or canvas if you’d like to make your focal point something with more color.

It’s also a popular option in commercial buildings. The stone is durable enough to last for years to come, plus the crystalline features make it difficult to notice small nicks and dents in high traffic areas like offices and hotels.

Our Brazillian Everest crystal granite comes in a polished finish and 3cm thick slabs. It can be ordered in residential or commercial size quantities. Contact Granite Granite inc today with any questions!

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