Grey Soapstone Honed Granite

Grey Soapstone Honed Granite


If you’re searching for the perfect material for your modern kitchen and bathroom counters, you’re looking for Gray Soapstone Honed Granite. The dark gray with white veining looks at home in any modern space. The honed finish leaves a matte look that homeowners often prefer rather than a glossy reflective look. During polishing, the process is stopped before the granite is buffed; this leaves it with a matte finish. A matte finish is often preferred by homeowners who want a laid-back casual look. The highly reflective dimensional look that polishing leaves behind is often considered elegant.


Gray Soapstone Honed granite has a more subtle beauty thanks to the creamy shades of color. It’s a softer look than polished traditional granite. It works with any type of decorating scheme. The color and style can be worked into any decorating style from modern to country and everything in between. This type of granite is in high demand for countertops.


To create a warm and inviting look, pair this granite with white cabinets and light hardwood flooring. Cream-colored cabinets give a pretty country feel to the room. White walls, a marble backsplash, and rich wood flooring add a contemporary feel to any kitchen. This granite also works with natural wood cabinets. It is a very versatile type of granite.


The granite is sourced in Brazil. It features the highly sought-after 3cm thickness. Though the honing process is stopped before the highly reflective finish, this granite is still sturdy and easy to maintain. Wipe up any spills or water immediately. Avoid using cleaning products that contain ammonia on this granite. After wiping down the surface of your countertops with water and soap, dry the counters to prevent water spots from forming. It’s also not a good idea to let water sit on the surface of the counter. Always use a towel to dry it.


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