Harmony Quartzite

Harmony Quartzite


Homeowners and business owners alike will love the calm, soothing look of   The colors work well with hardwood floors and cabinets to give the kitchen or bath a natural look. White cabinets also work well to give the room a more modern, open, and airy feel. You’ll love the versatility Harmony’s colors give you to change up the look of a room.

This 3cm thick quartzite is the perfect thickness for your home renovations; you won’t have to reinforce your base,  as you would with something thicker, yet it’s not so thin that you have to be concerned about breakage. Quartzite is an excellent material for kitchens, baths, bar areas, and workplace countertops.

The beautiful colors of Harmony Quartzite will not fade due to the sun; your colors remain as gorgeous as they are on the first day. Quartzite is fire resistant, stain resistant, and heat resistant, so it can stand up to hot pans and styling tools in your busy kitchen or bathroom. Quartzite is easy to take maintain and will give your home a luxurious look and feel. The polished finish on this quartzite helps it keep its great looks for many years to come.

Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling your existing home, look into Harmony Quartzite if you want something beautiful that works well anywhere. This is also a perfect choice for rental properties since it blends so well with a variety of color schemes. Harmony adds instant beauty and value to your space. Check it out and see why so many homeowners can’t imagine using any other type of material on their countertops.

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