Mont Blanc Quartzite

Mont Blanc Quartzite


Mont Blanc Quartzite is a Brazilian natural stone that is recognized for its feathery vein appearance and light background. Like all pure quartzites, Mont Blanc Quartzite is a source of silica for metallurgical uses and manufacturing silica bricks. You can use it as a great substitute for marble. But Mont Blanc Quartzite is more dependable because in addition to having that marble appearance, it is more durable. Because of its durability, it is suitable for use even in those areas that experience a lot of traffic, such as entrances.

Mont Blanc Quartzite is therefore a popular choice for finishing structures such as kitchen countertops and floors. You will also find this type of quartzite a good option for use on bathrooms, fireplaces and backsplashes. The material is also used for slab finishes. So, if you are looking to have a great kitchen countertop with a marble look, an amazingly decorated and long-lasting floor or a well-finished fireplace with granite-like strength, you need to try Mont Blanc Quartzite.

Surfaces finished with Mont Blanc Quartzite are not just good looking and long-lasting; they also give your home or office a modern look. For instance, by installing this natural stone on your wall or floor, you get a white background that features grey veins. Additionally, surfaces finished with this quartzite have a sugary crystalline appearance that offers visual stimulation and a sense of high quality.

There are many other reasons why Mont Blanc Quartzite is a good material for use in finishes, but its thickness stands out as one of the key features. This quartzite has a thickness of 3 cm. This thickness matters because for instance, a thicker quartz finish on a kitchen countertop or wall is stronger and more long-lasting than a thinner layer. A thin layer of quartz material is more likely to require extra support. 3 cm thickness is perfect.

So, if you want a finish that is durable, well-polished, attractive and less likely to crack, Mont Blanc Quartzite is a must.

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