Monte Cristo Granite

Monte Cristo Granite


Well-finished countertops, floors, walls, fireplaces and other areas are not just attractive, they also add great value to your home. Granite, which is an igneous rock that comprises quartz, mica and feldspar, is one of the most suitable natural stones that you can use for doing finishes on countertops and other structures. The stone is hard, strong, durable, and has an aesthetic appeal.

Monte Cristo granite is one of the different forms of granite that you can use as a finishing material in your home. You can easily identify Monte Cristo granite surfaces because this stone has a number of notable features, key among them being neatly arranged and flowing and cascading marks with a pearl white background. Monte Cristo granite also has a luxury look that makes it appear delicate, but is one of the strongest materials that you can use for your finishes.

Why do you need to buy Monte Cristo granite? There are many reasons. Apart from some of the keys strengths of this stone, such as being strong and durable, the stone is admired because of its versatility and good look. Make your indoor and outdoor spaces such as fireplaces, countertops and others look great by finishing them with Monte Cristo granite. With this stone installed, what strikes any keen eye is a background that shows a characteristic set of grey waves coupled with dark grey stripes.

Monte Cristo granite comes in different sizes and qualities so that you can choose the form that best suits your budget. Prices of this stone also vary depending on the size, the type of quality that you need, availability, and thickness among others. For areas that may be subjected frequent traffic or use, such as kitchen countertops, you need to use granite that is thick enough. 3mm-thick Monte Cristo granite is recommended for such areas.

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