Pearla Venata Quartzite

Pearla Venata Quartzite


Pearla Vanata Quartzite features an ivory-colored background with subtle light tan-colored veining. It’s perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, bar area, or for your busy office. The colors are perfect for warming up any space where they are used. Pair Pearla Vanata with either white or dark-colored cabinets; both will look wonderful. Pearla Vanata lets your decorating style be the star of the room since it blends seamlessly with any style; it enhances your décor without competing with your décor.

The 3-cm thickness of these slabs is perfect for those looking for easy installation; best of all, you won’t incur extra costs during installation. 3 cm is neither too thin nor too thick; it’s just the right thickness for placing over your existing base. Anything thicker requires reinforcement; anything thinner won’t offer the same degree or durability.

The polished finish seals the surface, making it stain-resistant and heat-resistant. You won’t have to seal the surface yourself; the polish makes the surface easy to clean. The polish also gives the counter a shiny, mirror-like finish that reflects the light and gives the counter depth. Quartzite is durable and keeps its great looks for many years; the colors do not fade. Many find the look of Quartzite similar to the look of marble, with quartzite better suited to the busy areas of your home due to its durability.

If you want to add value to your home, quartzite is an excellent choice. The Pearl Vanata colors are subtle enough to appeal to a broad range of buyers. Simple, subtle patterns and colors are the best option if you may consider selling in the future. You’ll love the warm, welcoming look that Pearla Vanata Quartzite gives your home or business. Once it’s installed, sit back and enjoy the compliments.


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