Sandalus Leather Quartzite 3cm

Sandalus Leather Quartzite 3cm


The leather-like look of this Sandalus Leather Quartzite gives your counters and tabletops a unique look. Rather than a shiny, reflective finish, this quartzite has a matte finish. Featuring a variety of browns, this quartzite has an almost woodgrain look to it. This product comes from Brazil, and it’s polished to give it a more durable finish. The matte look is somewhat new to the world of stone and it is one that consumers have come to appreciate. Matte can be a nice change of pace from the glossy look that is commonly seen. Not every homeowner wants a shiny, dimensional surface; some appreciate the contemporary, easy-going vibe that matte counters, floors and tables provide.


You have several options when it comes to cabinet colors that work well with this type of Quartzite. White cabinets and light walls work well with the darker browns of the counters. You can add a very dramatic touch by pairing the counter with black cabinets. You can also opt for natural wood cabinets. Choose the option that goes best with the mood you are trying to create in your living space.


No matter which colors you use, you’ll be adding value to your home. Homeowners and potential homeowners love the look that this leather-like quartzite provides. It’s also a durable material that is easy to maintain and clean. It’s comforting to have a material that is forgiving and won’t be destroyed if you forget to put a trivet down before placing the hot pot down. It won’t get riddled with scratches when your child runs a toy car across it. A spilled jar of canned tomato sauce won’t leave ugly stains behind. Quartzite is even harder and more heat-resistant than granite.


Upgrade your living space with the unique look of leather with Sandalus Leather Quartzite.

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