Silver White Granite

Silver White Granite


Silver white granite features a silver background with flecks of white. Modernize your kitchen or bathroom with this stunning granite. The neutral color is perfect in any home. Pair this granite with gray cabinets for a well-put-together look; use stainless appliances for a cohesive finish. You can add any accent color you choose with this combination; choose something that adds a pop of color.

For a traditional look, use white cabinets with light-colored flooring; consider a white floor or a light hardwood floor. White or black appliances work well with this color scheme. Silver white granite gives you the freedom to unleash your creativity while you put together your kitchen or bath.

This lovely granite is perfect for your outdoor space as well. Use Silver white granite in your outdoor kitchen, or in monuments. Take this granite to the office as well. It’s easy to care for and has a polished finish that you’ll love. The pattern helps hide dirt and smudges, so the workplace countertops always appear neat and clean.

If you worry about scratches and burn marks, put your mind at ease; this granite can stand up to the busy household or busy office. It even does well in restaurants. It is stain, scratch, and burn-resistant. Putting a hot pot down on the surface won’t harm your granite. The polished finish makes it easy to clean. Simply wipe up spills; the polish keeps them from penetrating the surface. If you do happen to chip your granite, it’s not the end of the world; chipped granite can be repaired.

If you’re looking for a beautiful granite that works with any decorating style and any color scheme, Silver white granite is it. Add some sparkle and luxury to your space with this stunning granite from Brazil.


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