Via Lacte Granite

Via Lacte Granite


Upgrade your kitchen or bathroom with Via Lacte Granite. The black background with grey veining is also a beautiful choice for a backsplash, your bar, or your backyard kitchen. This is perfect for the homeowner looking for something bold and modern. Via Lacte granite also looks at home in the traditional style home. Black is one of the most sought-after colors of granite. Pair Via Lacte with gray cabinets for a dramatic effect. Lighten things up by opting for white cabinets.

The polished finish on this granite from Brazil has a stunning reflective look that gives the room a bit of sparkle and adds a brightness to wherever it’s used. The polish also makes granite easier to keep clean and adds a moisture-resistant finish to the counter. The surface of granite makes it a wise choice for the kitchen; it can withstand a hot pan and it is a great surface for rolling out dough.

The Via Lacte Granite is easy to care for thanks to its polished finish. It’s durable and can stand up to your busy household. The 3 cm thickness makes this granite strong and easy to install; there is no need for reinforcement before installation. Granite resists chipping and scratches; it is also stain-resistant.

Installing granite countertops in your home instantly enhances its value. If you decide to sell, at some point, potential buyers are attracted to updated kitchens and baths that feature granite. Granite is a natural stone, so each piece has its own unique look.

Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling your current home, consider beautiful Via Lacte granite to bring out the beauty in your kitchen or bath. Of course, this dramatic granite would also be at home in a commercial setting such as a restaurant.

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