White Ice Granite

White Ice Granite


With a white background flecked with grey veining, white ice granite is an inspiring choice for your countertops. This stone gets mined in Brazil, and its pattern colors and their frequency can vary from stone to stone. The dark and blue patches vary in intensity, but they are generally light. A closer look reveals some shades of blue color. This granite often litters with sparkling quartz deposits, which gives it a luxurious look.


When polished, it produces a glittering shine that adds a unique dose of decorative style to your house. Its rareness and pristine beauty make it a highly sought-after stone. White ice granite can be useful in different areas inside and outside your home. It is common in kitchen countertops, islands, flooring, walls, and bathroom countertops and shower seats, and it can perfectly fit in any kitchen regardless of the size or design.


When used on kitchen countertops alongside dark cabinets and flooring, it adds a stunning dash of high contrast. It also complements well with white cabinets, and you can combine the two to create a soft and homely atmosphere. In rooms that have less natural light, the darker parts of the stone stand out. Where there is ample light, the stone has a more uniform and sleeker look.


This snowy stone has many strengths; it is versatile, durable, works well with different kitchen furniture colors, and it does not contrast harshly. It can be useful in amplifying the focal points of your rooms and add serious style to a home. If you are planning to spruce up your home, white ice granite is your perfect choice.


Our slabs are professionally polished to boost their luster, and they come in 20 cm or 30 cm thickness depending on your needs. If you are looking for classy granite stone, get in touch with Granite Granite Inc.

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