Yellow Gold Granite

Yellow Gold Granite


Polished Yellow Gold Granite from Brazil features a stunning color palette of browns, yellows, and gold. The colors work together to create a stunning backdrop for your kitchen or bathroom decor. Try this granite with wood cabinets to create an elegant look for your home. Both light and dark would look beautiful with this granite.

The polish makes this granite easy to clean and virtually maintenance-free; it won’t need to be sealed as frequently as other types of granite. Just wipe up spills, and your granite will stay gorgeous. Granite is a porous material; the polish adds a protective layer.


Yellow gold granite is highly durable and resists scratches as well as stains. The granite is also resistant to bacteria. You won’t have to worry about damage; yellow gold granite is easy to fix if it does get damaged. It’s nice to know that you won’t have to remove the granite and have a new piece installed. This is one of the reasons why families with children love granite.


Homeowners appreciate the 3cm thickness of the granite. Installation is easier and less costly since with 3cm, there is no need to reinforce the cabinets; you can lay your granite over them without an issue.


Your countertops make a statement when they are done in this gorgeous granite. Move away from the same old colors and styles and set your kitchen and bath apart from the rest. This granite will add instant value to your home. Granite is also an eco-friendly option that you can feel good about using in your home or business.


When you consider the cost, the benefits, and the number of years you can expect granite to last, it makes sense to choose it for your counters. You’ll get sick of the house long before the granite wears out. Experts say that granite counters can last for more than a century.

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